CS:GO Squad - Introducing the Bullseye Program

What is this about?

The bullseye program is our brand new approach to CSGO demo analysis. Simply submit your match sharecode and let us do all the dirty work. Within seconds, you will be able to browse detailed data of your matches.

All your match datas in the cloud

Unlike traditional demo analyzers, the bullseye stores all match data on our servers, giving you access to your match data anywhere, anytime on the fly.

Detailed and Vast Statistics

Curious about your performance and accuracy? We've got you covered. In addition, you can also view stats including economy, clutches, round overviews, grenades, flashes, and even some fun facts!

Constant and Frequent Updates

We have been working hard on the bullseye, and we will continue to provide amazing updates in the future. Feel free to contact us about your feedbacks and suggestions. Let us improve the bullseye together!

Easy to use, join the beta now!

The bullseye is currently in open beta. Give it a try for free!